Zhejiang Sitonseal Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Container Truck seal, high quality Container Truck seal products, preferential prices, and provide you with the best products and services! These seals give tremendous flexibility in the field with their ability to adapt to fit various cable jacket sizes in one product. The seals give cable retention, and protection against gas, dust, animals and other environmental ingress as well. These are With evident benefits in the transportation and logistics sectors, investing in our robust range of pull tight cable seals is a practical way to protect your goods from

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Cable seals are very durable and intended for higher security applications. They are available in different cable diameters for use in different applications. Stock products are listed below in order of high security seals first. We also offer custom cabl Apr 26, 2021  High Security Cable Container Seal Truck Seal 5.0mm Tss-Tacs5.0t (XFSeals) Real-Time Monitoring Electronic Seal Cargo Tracker Alpha-One 2.0 ISO17712 Certified Bolt Container Seal Customs Cargo Seals Xfseal Tss Seal Shipping Container Se Aluminium Barrier Foil Bag Sealing MachineAluminium Foil Sealing MachineBag Sealing MachinePlastic Bag Sealing MachineTerpoline Sealing MachineNon Wov Metal Strapping Machine Price: ₹ 20,000 / Set