Lithuania electric meter seals / Meter Seal ST-4001

Date: 2023-07-19
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Multimax seals are self-adhesive, whereas Polycarbonate seals are wire based. The purpose of both is to seal the meter such that the meter cannot be opened without tampering these seals. The Multimax seal has a visual security feature like a hologram for

Sealing wire for water meters:. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter in brass valves, fitting and water meter scope. Our products include brass ball valves, brass gate valves, brass stop valves, bronze valves, brass bibcock, brass manifold, wat

Ideal for high mail volume, the IS-5000 can automatically seal, weigh, measure, meter and stack large mail runs in minutes. With batch processing speeds of up to 300 letters per minute, the IS-5000 is the workhorse of mailing systems. Lithuania electric meter seals
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