Macedonia hexangular cable seal / Cable Diameter 1.0mm Cable Seal ST-2102

Date: 2024-02-07
Plastic Padlock seals offer a tamper evident solution for sealing truck trailers, containers, and various other cargo holds. They are made of high-density polypropylene with a metal wire and come laser etched with 6 digit sequencial numbers. To use simply

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Strapping & Seals At JM, we offer aluminum and stainless steel strapping, butt straps, and wing seals to compliment our metal jacketing portfolio. We also offer stainless steel closed seals.

Being leaders in the market, we manufacture, export and supply an extensive range of Push Type hexangular cable seals ,114P, 34HOC EQUIVALENT that are highly demanded in the international market.These products are precisely manufactured utilizing superior qual Macedonia hexangular cable seal
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