Zhejiang Sitonseal Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cable seals for transportation, high quality cable seals for transportation products, preferential prices, and provide you with the best products and services! Bolt Seal application recommendations . Inspect the seal thoroughly prior to application. This involves checking that you have the correct seal numbers, colour, physical appearance and that the seals standard markings are visible. Meter Seals - Copper Or Monel. The Tamper-Free Way To Attach Valve Tags; Choose from Copper or Monel wires and different sizes; Sold in a pack of 250; Available Options. Material: Copper, Monel. Length: 200mm , 300mm, 450mm . Specifications Documentation.

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The bolt seals are born to be specifically for container seal. They have outstanding strength and their diameter ranges from 8 to 9 mm and have a tensile strength of greater than 1000 Kg, this container seal is ISO APPROVED and is perfect for long distanc The Crimp Meter Seal is recognized as an advanced medium to high security meter seal. As lead seals and others lack security integrity, the Crimp Seal is manufactured in a high grade polypropylene material and is suitable for most metering applications. T Barrier seals can only be removed or cut off using heavy-duty bolt cutters or purpose-made rope shears. TruSeal Barrier Seals are also used for the purpose of providing evidence of tampering and to help detect theft or a contamination of the two, whether