tote seal for transit box / Meter Seal ST-4001A

Date: 2023-09-27
The Carrier Cable Seal 350 is a strong and durable seal designed especially for high security applications. The body is molded with high-impact ABS. One end of the cable is permanently secured via crimping technology which cannot be removed without cuttin

Each cable seal is designed to discourage opportunistic stealing, to show evidence of tampering, and to prevent contamination or trafficking of smuggled goods. Of course the correct security protocols and procedures are vital in the effectiveness of secur

Padlock-Style Tamper-Seal Tags . A. B. Slide the hasp through a small opening to seal equipment and hang a message, similar to a padlock. Push closed with one hand. Use these tags to seal valves, controls, containers, or other equipment. They are stamped

Padlock Seals. Election Day security is of the utmost importance, and Printelect offers a variety of security seal and tape options! Printelects plastic Padlock Seals are a great way to secure all of your precinct election materials. Each seal is individu tote seal for transit box
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